Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Great Monday Trip to the Christiana Mall

Cropped Gauchos from Urban Outfitters
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After Info Tech class today, I decided to go to the Christiana Mall to return a few things that I had bought before the semester started and never wore. I had bought a pair of Guess Jeans from Macys, which I thought would fit when I got home, but they really didn't, so I returned them. I also had bought a white v-neck shirt with beads on it from Express, but it was too shear, so I returned that also. Come to find out, everything in Express is ON SALE! Tons of tanks are all 50% off. Of course I had a buy a few!
However the best part of my shopping trip was GAUCHOS! (This link is to Wikipedia... if you scroll down past all the stuff about a Gaucho being a South American Cattle Hearder, you will come to modern influences! I swear!) It is one of this seasons top trends and by my predictions will continue into cooler weather because they come in full-length too!

The best part of my day began with me finding a pair of black cropped Gauchos in Macy's made by XOXO for 40 bucks! I decided I would look around in other stores first to shop around. Amazingly! I found Gauchos in RAVE. Now I know everyone is saying, woah, RAVE isn't good quality, but the Gauchos in there were very much the same as the ones in Macy's... except of course for the price! Are you ready for this!? The cropped Gauchos were $19.99 with $5 off! The full-length ones were $19.99! RAVE even had a few better colors such as teal and hot pink!

In conclusion... I think Gauchos are a great asset to any closet these days because they can be dressed up with a pair of shiny heels for the bar or worn to class with a ribbed tank and flip flops! The best part is, I was so excited about this fashion find that I blogged twice this week so far and it's only Monday! Wouldn't Prof. Brown be sooo proud?

P.S. (Can you have a P.S. in a Blog? Sure, why not?) The picture is a cute orange pair of Gauchos from Urban Outfitters, the cost is about $38.00!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Classic Jean Jacket from Old Navy

Classic Jean Jacket from Old Navy
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One esstential item that every single women, no matter what age, should have in her wardrobe is a classic jean jacket. It can be worn with almost any outfit and even with a comfortable pair of yoga pants and a tank. I found this adorable outfit at Old Navy! The outfit is perfect for a cool day in September! You could pair this up with a metallic purse to dress it up a little more. The whole outfit would cost about:

$32.50~ Jean Jacket
$12.50~ Tank
$24.50~ Skirt
$5.00 ~ Belt (On-Sale!)
$10.50~ Flip Flops

TOTAL: $85 =Amazing Price for a Whole Outfit!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Fall into Fall Fashion

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As we all get back into the routine of classes, there are some awesome styles that we should all keep in our closets!

Things to Wear from Past Seasons:

  • Boho: Layer your tiered skirts with a cropped jean jacket for cooler weather.

  • Shrugs: Layer shrugs and tie-front ballet tops over long camisoles and sheer tops. Pair with denim or cropped pants.

  • Chunky, ethnic jewelry: Mixes great with fall's teals and browns.

  • Metallic Shoes and Bags: Still hot!

  • Cropped Pants: Wear with tall boots and a duster or long coat for a cool long-over-short look.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Wikipedia's Scientific Definition!

I thought this definition about fashion was rather interesting... Unofficial Definition of Fashion

Friday, September 09, 2005

Why fashion?

You might ask why I would ever pick fashion for my blog. I wouldn't say that I am the biggest fashion oriented person in the world, my one roommate definetly tops me, with her wall of purses!
My love of fashion does have some background. Last year I was looking for a job and of course went straight to the Christiana Mall, swearing off having to get another horrible waitressing job. I ended up landing a job at Express! And from that moment on I was hooked on fashion. My goal as a sales associate was to sell the new trendy clothes that the Express Design Studio created each season to every single customer in the store. After working 20 hours a week, I was beginning to sell myself the styles and couldn't stay away since! By working at Express I knew the fashion details before anyone else on campus and had new styles even before they were placed on the sales floor. The bad part of this addiction is the prices! My Express credit card really shows the damage! This leads me to one of my goals for this blog is to try and offer you guys some good style tips with some cheaper prices! In the end I had to create a themed-blog for my Information Technology Marketing class...Info Tech Marketing Blog where my teacher incorporated our class assignments into a blog about the class. Pretty cool, I think!

Make sure you check out ->Express Fall Fashion

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Season after Season...

The fashion world is a never ending. With each new season comes hours and hours of dedication and design from the world's top fashion designers. Once these new fashions trends hit the runway, they are unstoppable! Days after, shop-a-holics will hit their favorite stores to score each new look, no matter the cost! What is coming our way this fall? Just take a look around you, even with the warm summer weather still here, new fall fashions are already out there!