Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Great Monday Trip to the Christiana Mall

Cropped Gauchos from Urban Outfitters
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After Info Tech class today, I decided to go to the Christiana Mall to return a few things that I had bought before the semester started and never wore. I had bought a pair of Guess Jeans from Macys, which I thought would fit when I got home, but they really didn't, so I returned them. I also had bought a white v-neck shirt with beads on it from Express, but it was too shear, so I returned that also. Come to find out, everything in Express is ON SALE! Tons of tanks are all 50% off. Of course I had a buy a few!
However the best part of my shopping trip was GAUCHOS! (This link is to Wikipedia... if you scroll down past all the stuff about a Gaucho being a South American Cattle Hearder, you will come to modern influences! I swear!) It is one of this seasons top trends and by my predictions will continue into cooler weather because they come in full-length too!

The best part of my day began with me finding a pair of black cropped Gauchos in Macy's made by XOXO for 40 bucks! I decided I would look around in other stores first to shop around. Amazingly! I found Gauchos in RAVE. Now I know everyone is saying, woah, RAVE isn't good quality, but the Gauchos in there were very much the same as the ones in Macy's... except of course for the price! Are you ready for this!? The cropped Gauchos were $19.99 with $5 off! The full-length ones were $19.99! RAVE even had a few better colors such as teal and hot pink!

In conclusion... I think Gauchos are a great asset to any closet these days because they can be dressed up with a pair of shiny heels for the bar or worn to class with a ribbed tank and flip flops! The best part is, I was so excited about this fashion find that I blogged twice this week so far and it's only Monday! Wouldn't Prof. Brown be sooo proud?

P.S. (Can you have a P.S. in a Blog? Sure, why not?) The picture is a cute orange pair of Gauchos from Urban Outfitters, the cost is about $38.00!


Blogger Alex said...

nice, i am proud!

9/29/2005 5:47 PM  
Blogger krissyb said...

Great entry! I absolutely love gaucho pants! They're very much in style now and make me feel like i'm wearing pajamas but look professional when I need to. The ones from Urban Outfitters are soo comfortable :)

10/02/2005 11:14 PM  
Blogger Brittany said...

Hey steph! i think the gaucho pants are so cute on shorter girls such as your lovely self, but i tried some on and they looked rediculous! any suggestions?

10/03/2005 2:08 PM  

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